Just wanted to say thanks again for a job extremely well done. We Love our new Kitchen and hope we get a chance to work together again soon.

Michelle & Matthew I.
Thanks again for the whole project. It has changed my whole feeling about "Coming Home".

Lora M.
I appreciate all the guidance you gave me in creating my home in Sea Cliff, NY. .....I feel absolutely at peace in my own perfect sanctuary and I know that is with much thanks to you. You are so wonderful and talented, both creative and calm - exactly what I needed. .....You understood the feeling I was hoping to achieve in my home and didn't just go along with it, you are a guiding light. You are one in a million and I know your business will be a huge success.

Monique L.
Thank you so much for your direction and assistance with our home renovation project. We appreciate your design expertise and kindness through a very stressful few months. The house truly looks beautiful - its a dream come true! We would not have been able to do it without you. Maybe we'll see you on HDTV sometime soon!!

Mr. & Mrs. T Eng
To build a 5000 square foot house in a busy area of Brooklyn involves a lot of people and many have you as our designer. Since we met last October in our first business meeting and throughout many encounters and discussions, you have demonstrated to us that you are more than a designer.

You act like our project manager, trouble shooter and financial advisor, to some degree. Whenever we have a problem, our first phone call is always to you because we know that you will always have an answer or solution for us, whether issues raised regarding our orders, our contractors, our plan executions, or issues relation to our changing needs, crisis control at the construction site, no matter what issues may be, big or small, you are always there for us, one phone call or one quick email away, promptly and assumingly. You and your teams activities show us what professionalism really is and what values you really stand for.

With your help, right now we can joyfully start our new life in our magnificent new building. We believe that a bond between you and us has also been built and we hope in a short future, we will work together again with another significant project.

Seongpan S, MD
Thank you for putting up with me in 2007. I am very pleased with the results. You are a PRO!

David R.
Christine was the only designer we met with who was willing to work with what we had. She did not want to match the existing kitchen, which every other designer focused on, but instead chose to use complimentary cabinets of a completely different color.

She has a gift for listening to what a customer says without necessarily siding her own professional and artistic viewpoint. ........ The result is just beautiful, and much more functional than the old kitchen. I think almost any designer can do a great job with a clean slate to work with, I think it takes someone with great talent and people skills to work with an existing kitchen.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Antoninette F., Esq.
BTW. I love everything! You're a genius!!! I walked into my house and was just in awe!

Love it!

Best, Rachel R, MD